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Sekiro Player Still Stuck on Genichiro Finally Ready for Difficulty Options

A Sekiro player who initially railed against the proposed inclusion of difficulty options to the game has finally had enough, and is ready to admit that developer Fromsoftware may have gone too far with the Genichiro boss encounter, a recent report has found.

While initially violently opposed to the idea of reducing the difficulty of the game, months of slamming his head agaisnt the game’s notoriously tough mid-game boss have finally taken its toll on the gamer in question, who requested to not be named.

“Genichiro can get fucked, him and his lightning counter bullshit. I have the timing of my Mikiri’s dialed, but every time I get to that third phase, I choke. I swear Tomoe can just fuck right off as well.”

Sekiro, which released in March, caused a bit of a stir amongst games media types, and the question of difficulty in games was a hot button issue in an industry known for hot button issues. Some gamers saw Sekiro’s high degree of difficulty as a personal attack on their own lack of coordination and determination, claiming that the games difficulty was exclusionary. Things were touch and go for a moment, but eventually everyone just kind of moved on.

The gamer in question has sworn off Sekiro until developer Fromsoftware includes difficulty options. However, he has since admitted that he regrets his earlier comments regarding the games journalists that initially identified the games intense difficulty curve, and in particular, describing them as “a cluster-fuck of cluster-cucks”.

Born to a peasant family, Genichiro was adopted into the Ashina clan, and would go to any lengths to protect the hegemony of his adopted family. He sought to kidnap the young lord Kuro to make use of his immortal bloodline. Players encounter Genichiro atop Ashina Castle and engage in a duel that is commonly though to be the games first true test of skill.

Fromsoftware are currently hard at work on their next title, entitled Elden Rings. They have partnered with renowned fantasy author George R.R. Martin, who is notable for his inability to finish the series he is famous for writing, and for catfishing an entire generation of HBO viewers.